Bring your best customers back
to your stores, again and again.

AppCard gives your small or mid-sized retail business the
marketing power of a big box store—without costing you big box money

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The Only Retail Loyalty Platform That
Grows Your Profits With Artificial Intelligence

"My AppCard program members spend 29% more per visit than my other customers. And because the only requirement to start is their phone number, over 67% of my customers choose to enroll. No forms to fill out and no new card to carry. Our customers appreciate the power of choice!”

- Jason Bitonio, Co-Owner, Endless Vapors LA (Vape Shop)

Integrate a more powerful loyalty program with any and every POS

You sign up, we send you our terminal, and your AppCard account manager works with you to configure our platform to your businesses' unique needs—no I.T. help required.

Whether you have an existing loyalty program or not, AppCard will get you more frequent visits, more revenue per visit, and a growing list of happier customers.

Enroll new customers in a few seconds flat

Don't worry about slowing down your lines during busy times: all it takes to enroll a new customer with AppCard is a single card swipe and a phone number.

From that point on, your loyalty customers will only need to enter their phone numbers to earn their points and claim their rewards.

Gather the data you need to perfect your marketing campaigns

AppCard collects detailed information on every purchase your customers make.

We'll know exactly what they buy, precisely how much they spent, and how often they came back. With this data, we run automated marketing campaigns that make other loyalty programs look out-dated and ineffective.

Automatically run promotions that get better every time 

Want to bring back big-spenders who haven't visited in a while? Get more visitors into your store during off-peak times? You don't have to do a thing. We're on it.​

Keep your best customers engaged

Our mobile apps, digital receipts and mobile website keep your loyalty customers engaged with your program—whether they've downloaded our app or not.

Measure your success

At the end of every week, we'll send you a straightforward report on the success of your AppCard marketing program.

You'll know how many people joined, how often they came back, and how much they spent when they did. Need more in-depth reporting and analytics? We've got that, too.

"On average, the customers I enroll with AppCard spend 41% more per visit and buy 13% more items than non-members. Because all it takes to sign up new members is their phone number, over 40% of my customers choose to enroll. Best of all, getting my stores up and running with AppCard was a breeze."

- Karina Farquharson, VP Marketing, Buda Juice

Start Marketing Like The Big Guys
Without Spending Big Money.

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"“When we needed an incentive that could not only bring in new customers, but better retain our existing ones, AppCard was the ideal solution. Their exceptionally reasonable pricing, fast implementation, and unmatched support makes working with them an extremely pleasurable experience.”

- John Ornman, Director of IT, Gypsy Warrior (Fashion Boutique)

Frequently Asked Questions

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